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Jeffrey Benson has been in the wine trade for 35 years.

He brings his knowledge of wine to the major wine growing regions of the world, and meets with producers as a buyer and wine maker.

He conveys this knowledge through his lectures and consultancy work.

Jeffrey regularly travels to the Maldives, Sri Lanka, India and the Far East on various wine, spirit and beer consultancy activities. He has an in depth perspective of the present and future markets in these regions.


J e f f r e y B e n s o n

Jeffrey was chosen as the only non-North American judge to join the tasting panel in British Columbia, Canada. It was a three day event that evaluated over 200 wines to determine medal winners.

Between 1990 – 1995 Jeffrey was involved in the formation of 'Wines of Canada', an organisation set up in conjunction with the government to develop and introduce a variety of Canadian wines for exporting. His visits helped 'Wines of Canada' sign the top fifteen wineries in Ontario and British Columbia.

Between 1993 –1994 Jeffrey was instrumental in forming the Zimbabwe Vintners Alliance, combined the three wineries in Zimbabwe for export to the UK.

After four years of negotiating with the E.U. commission, Zimbabwe was registered as a wine producing country and Jeffrey obtained legislation enabling Zimbabwe to export their wines. Frequent visits led him to advise the wine makers on the correct blends required for export.

For twelve years, Jeffrey ran the annual evening wine school for the International Wine and Food Society. He continues to lecture and adjudicate the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) examinations. The subjects include wine appreciation, wine tasting, matching food and wine and in depth lectures on the wine growing regions of the world. These tailor made lectures can be adapted to suit the general public, or the food and beverage staff at hotels and restaurants, which include full product training and service.

Jeffrey has written and contributed to seven books and many articles on food, wine and travel and has been featured on BBC radio and other television and radio programme in other countries.

Jeffrey has been an advisor to the Indage Group, Bombay in the development of their wines since the first vintage in 1985. In 2000 he formed a joint venture company called 'Chateau Indage Vintners Ltd' to distribute wines from around the world to all the major hotel and restaurant groups. He continually visits India to conduct tailor made product and staff training programs.

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