B o o k s
B o o k s
The Adventures of Avortitt & Rooney
No Half Measures: A Life in Wine, Food and Travel
One More for the Road
The Definitive Cocktail Book
The Right Wine With the Right Food
St. Emillion and Pomerol
The O'Rooneys are a family of field mice who live happily in an old biscuit tin, in a place they know as the Wilderness. Here they are free to play, safe from harm. Or so they think. Pugnacious the cat is on the prowl and has the youngest mouse, Rooney O'Rooney, in his sights! Join Rooney on his adventure as he searches for his lost family. Can Avortitt, the wisest creature in the wildnerness, and his friends help Rooney find his way home.
Following on from Jeffrey Benson's first volume of travel diaries, One More for the Road, comes a second instalment, as one of the food and drink world's intrepid voyagers continues on his way. No Half Measures whisks the reader to the luxury resorts of the Indian Ocean, tasting cutting-edge cuisine and fine wines on five continents, and celebrates all the cultural diversity the world still has to offer.As before, Benson gives us both barrels of modern travel experience, the vintage and the vin ordinaire, the sublime and the ridiculous, in generous and richly evocative accounts of journeys among family and friends, wine students and superstar chefs. There are glorious gastronomic moments and glimpses of the splendour of the natural world, as well as comic interludes and the odd despairing grumble, all in the company of our witty and humane chaperone.Fasten your seat-belts: it's going to be a thoroughly enjoyable ride.
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Here is a handbook for the upmarket traveller-where to go, where to avoid, airlines, upgrades, the best seats, the best hotels, the best massage...and of course the best wines to go with the food on offer. Every continent is visited in an apparently hectic schedule of flying, lecturing, staff training and tasting.
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Jeffrey cordially invites you to follow the history of cocktails from its humble beginnings, via the fame of the twenties, right up to the present day. Recipes and stories from the six main spirit bases as well as some unusual concoctions using wine, beer, cider and liqueur bases. With a glossary and a guide to essential equipment this truely is The Definitive Cocktail Book. From a golden slipper to dizzy dames this book serves a drink for every occasion!
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Spoiled by such choice of national cuisines that has made its way to the world's table, selecting the right wine to accompany a dish today requires much more expertise than the old 'red with meat and white with fish' rule. Jeffrey helps you develop this. He introduces the most important grapes and styles of wine and impart lucid advice. Informative and fun to read, his book explains the business of pairing the right wine with the right food.
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In this book the authors give a proper appreciation of the wines of these districts and provide a detailed study of the soil, climate, grape varieties and techniques of the viticulture and vinification. These techniques give the wines their distinctive qualites. The authors tell the history of the region. Every single property in the two areas is included as well as those in the districts of Lalande-de-Pomerol and the communes which are entitled to add Saint-Emilion to their names. All the leading properties are described in detail. The book is also fully illustrated with maps and photographs.
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In the 1970's demand rose for the sweet white wine of Bordeaux, along with it, a realisation that even the little known chateaux could provide lovely wines in a good year. Every major chateau producing sweet white wine and all the smaller properties of grape varieties grown. Also different methods of production are discussed. This book contains a list of tasting notes on vintages from 1980-1989 drawn from the authors' notes and those of other eminent men of wine.